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Stock Calculations is a collection of tables and charts listing tradable stocks on today’s financial markets. Inspired by a PhD Economist, Stock Calculations is unique copyrighted software that manipulates and filters stock data to provide useful and concise listings of stocks showing interesting, potentially profitable, behaviors.
Compiled daily (posted @ ~midnight CST).
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Available Calculations and Tables


-   Indexes
Potentially undervalued stocks based upon their respective indexes performance over various time ranges.
Listing of stocks currently increasing in value by % and points by number of day(s).
Listing of stocks showing periodic behavior with prediction of future performance based on passed data.


Table of Listed Stocks with Market Indexes

Stock Calculations Referral

When a stock belongs in a particular market index (e.g. a trucking company in transportation), and the index has been doing well, the stock should also be doing well.

Sometimes a stock has a reason for poor market performance, but sometimes one or more of the stocks in the index are slow to respond.

A Graphical Example

Stock Calculations is a listing of under performing stocks (mostly stocks listed in the NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ) for different time intervals. Compiled daily (posted @ ~midnight CST).



Stocks are listed by the interval the stock value is down and the averaged index value is up (sub-tables are sorted by a stock calculation ranking).

Avilable Index Ranges
Stock      Index   Date
↓Day      ↑ Week   2013-04-15
↓Day      ↑ Month  2013-04-15
↓Week   ↑ Week   2013-04-15
↓Week   ↑ Month  2013-04-15
↓Week   ↑ 6Mon   2013-04-15
↓ Month  ↑6Mon   2013-04-15

NOTE: During market downturns some index tables may be empty - especially those with shorter (week) Index ranges.
ADVICE: If this occurs look at the longer time ranges for Index and pay attention to the Index % From Avg. value. Larger values indicate the index was doing well before the downturn and may be quick to recover.

Table of Listed Stocks with Market Indexes

If a stock increases in value one day will the value increase the next? If it goes up for two days? Three days? If the stock goes up 3% or 5% or more? What, on average, will the stock do the next day?

The combined tables are a compilation of the Individual tables listed by stock and number of occurrences. The Individual tables show exact amounts over different days. Tables overlap, i.e. 5% changes will appear in 3% tables. Compiled daily (posted @ ~midnight CST).



Data Included:

• Stock Name and Symbol
• Current Value on Close (Adj.)
• Last Days High (High=Close -> can indicate value still increasing)
• Volume (to determine how easily the stock can be traded)
• All Available Ranges for the stock w/link to table

% Change
$ Change

Stocks are listed by the amount (% or points) the stock's value has increased and the number of days the increase has occurred.

Table of Listed Stocks with Market Indexes

Stocks can vary on a periodic basis. The degree and predictability of this variance can be quantified and those meeting certain criteria can be classified as "more" predictable or periodic than others. Once a stock is determined as periodic stock calculations makes a prediction of a future value and a date for the value.

This calculation uses a data fit (cubic spline) to determine when and how the curve of a stocks pricing data is changing. The general criteria will show stocks varying by at least 5% at lest once each month. This data is based on 6 months of past data. Compiled daily (posted @ ~1:00 AM CST).



Current Critera

Min % Change High to Low:
Max % Change Between Peroid:
Min Days Between Variation

10 stocks passed critera
(sorted alphabetically)

Show Tables



Table of Listed Stocks with Market Indexes

Cross Reference lists each stock that appears in Stock Calculations and the tables in which it appears. If a stock appears in multiple tables all of the tables are listed with the stock (with a link to the stock in the table). This listing is ordered by the number of occurrences of the stock in Stock Calculations.

Cross referencing the various tables is valuable for determining the overall disposition of a given stock in reference to the various calculations presented in Stock Calculations. Remember that any stock listed in a Stock Calculation table is there for a reason. Cross referencing the stocks provides a broader view of the stocks activity. Compiled daily.



Table of Listed Stocks with Market Indexes

Stock Calculations is not responsible for any financial loss incurred by the use of this stock calculations market data. Stock Calculations does not make any claim to the accuracy of this stock market data. Errors can occur in the creation of these stock data tables. It is the responsibility of the user to verify the stock information.

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